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(Nederlands) Onzichtbaar Nederland – Veiligheid

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Allied bombing 1939-1945

  Amazing animation shows how the Allies bombed Hitler and Nazis into submission. The progress of the Allied bombing campaign which helped to win the Second World War has been graphically illustrated in an extraordinary animation. The map pinpoints the exact location of every bombing raid by either the Royal Air Force or the United States Army…

Renewed interest in enhanced WWII imagery

During WWII English and American pilots from the RAF and USAAF made hundreds of thousands of espionage aerial photographs. Today 250,000 of these historical photographs have been made available by Dotka Data in an online imagery data store Data. Utilizing the availability of imagery combined with new techniques, the accuracy and reliability of explosive clearance has…

Luchtfoto’s Belgie, Duitsland, Antillen online

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